On the outside of the Kingdom and Palace’s walls heading toward the Village, where petite avatar’s shop, is a little Chapel with its bell tolling to beckon those who are near and can hear to come inside and imagine what you might use the chapel for at your own kingdom.

little chapel
Le Petite Chapel

There could be a magical wedding and the lovely couple and priest or priestess standing and a few people to share in this event at the small and cozy chapel. Or perhaps it would be a more somber place and a coffin lies in state on a bier (a stand for a coffin) and some will kneel before the departed loved one to offer final respects.* Would some fae dance around and fly between the entrances listening to either the gypsy violins or an ethereal harp coming from the chapel little tower?

At the entry are the same vines that are on the Palace which surround a well crafted celtic cross. Created with the same textures and colors that adorn the beautiful and lavish Palace and Kingdom the Le Petite Chapel is the first in the line of buildings that will belong to the series.

chapel entry
Le Petite Chapel Entry

There is a lovely glow of almost any color you choose through the light menu coming from the uppermost tower and shining down on the chapel and around the immediate area.

pink glow
Pink glow from the Tower Light
green glow back
Green Glow from the Tower Light

*Le Petite Village also has a podium for services and coffins and biers created for petites available for sale inworld.