In the spirit of christmas, virtual gift giving is right up there in the celebration of the season. There are some wonderful hunts going on where you can find for your friend, or even for yourself, some really great items and clothing.

I took the easy way out and modified some builds I already have to make them fit for Christmas and the holiday season. I thought some of the people who have some of my home furnishings already would like to be able to swap out their regular item with one to use during the holiday in the spirit of decorating their homes for the season.

I am participating in three holiday hunts this year and each of them are specifically for the petite avatar. Go figure! Like I would participate in any other hunt while I’m so fixated on being the petite 1/4 of a size of a regular avatar! Ha! I’m loving it and having the best of fun.

Here’s the list of the petite hunts that I’m doing, the dates they are happening, what I’m offering for each hunt and a link to the official web/blog of the hunt, if available.

Polar Petite Hunt – 5$L

The Polar Petite Hunt    Nov 15-Dec 15 :

The first hunt is already in progress. I put together a little outdoor winter setting for the petite avatar. An animated bench with winter white pine trees (sizable from nano to really huge), a lamppost with touch menu with light settings, poinsettia plants and a thermos that gives a cup of cocoa. Tuck it in a private place on your property or some holiday get away.

This hunt’s items sell for 5$L

Petite’s Holiday Shopping Spree   Dec 01-Dec 24 :

Holiday Shopping Spree – 50$L transerable gift item

This isn’t really a hunt as it’s intended to be a shopping experience for petite avatars to buy items as gifts for their fellow petite friends. Each item is transferable for gift giving, one of the rules of participating. My gift item is a double rocking chair set with animations for two petite avatars to enjoy and to spend some holiday time together. The books give a book to read and the teapot a cup of tea to drink. The light between the two chairs has a touch menu to operate.

Items are 50$L or less

SLU Hoards of Holidays – 0$L

Hoards of Holidays Hunts   Dec 01-Dec 31

The theme of this hunt is to celebrate one of the many other celebrations that December offers. I chose “Hi Neighbor Month” and created a little candy colored cafe type set for the petite avatar to invite their petite neighbor over for some tea and christmas pudding. Table, chairs, plates with pudding, teapot that gives a cup of tea, rolled napkins in rings and a table winter pine tree. Nicely animated for drinking, eating and conversation.

This hunts items are 0$L (free)

Holidays are special in SL. Spending a little time with our virtual friends and virtual family skating on virtual ice, drinking virtual hot cocoa, singing christmas carols around a virtual christmas tree… well, unless you’ve done it, you really can’t quite understand how it warms our hearts and lifts our spirits!