Just in time for Valentine’s Day is the heartfelt nostalgic look of a 1950’s party dress.

Love Petite 2

You have the full round flexi skirt with lacy layers of the attached petticoat to give plenty of swish to your walk. Coordinated dress bow in either pink or teal draws attention to your shapely top with a neck scarf that is coordinated to match the bow.

I’ve added matching high-healed boots with lacy layered flexi tops to look like you’re wearing lacy socks to match the look of the dress. Finally a little purse to match completes the whole outfit.

Again, the boots are also sold separately.


AD Love 2 BABY BLUE AD Love 2 BLACK AD Love 2 BLUE AD Love 2 PINK AD Love 2 PURPLE AD Love 2 RED AD boots BABY BLUE AD boots BLACK AD boots BLUE AD boots PURPLE AD boots PINK