I just posted this breedable idea in a scripting group. I wanted to post it here, too, so if someone does create it, we’ll know where the idea for it came from.

posted January 25, 2013 in the group Scripts secondlife:///app/group/2953b37f-edeb-5099-1c41-03b4d5068f68/about

[20:12] Monavie Voight: i’d like to see a walking dead breedable that bites and turns things into more zombies lol
[20:12] Goldlatias Resident: yes, good idea
[20:12] JanoriaCorven Resident: :3 i think i can… impliment a similarity.. if scripters are interested in working for us.
[20:12] Goldlatias Resident: or a pet club zombie
[20:14] Monavie Voight: and you could have battles, zombie against regular… and the regular could be turned into a zombie if it loses
[20:14] Monavie Voight: but if a zombie loses, it dies
[20:14] Monavie Voight: you could have epic battles with those, clan against clan