Let me explain, “A Dollhouse Dream” is an exhibition at Second Life’s 11th birthday bash that features a petite avatar compatible dollhouse and landscape set-up. The “dollhouse” is functional for interaction with petites. And best of all, visitors feel like being children again! It offers a meeting place with residents who choose petite as their lifestyle in Second Life.

A Dollhouse Dreamphoto by Mz Marville

 Now, I don’t know about you, but I think doing projects like this are a blast. I love everything about it, from coming up with an idea, creating pictures in your mind of how it will look, to actually building it. The choices of textures for the final touches is what pulls it all together.

Everything is sized to fit the Yabusaki mesh petite avatar. While regular avatars will not be able to actively use something (they will be too big to interact properly). As the petite avatars are using them it will look like they are little dolls, almost like when you were a child and you had a dollhouse.

That’s how the name for the exhibit was born. I love being a petite avatar and I wanted to share that experience with others in this way.

Here’s the bottom line, you may see this exhibit for SL11B from June 22 – June 29, 2014. To get there, here is the SLURL “taxi” : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beguile/73/96/21/?title=A%20Dollhouse%20Dream (shortened: http://goo.gl/ArLNd4 ).


This is a collaborated project between Le Petite Village & DNA Landscaping, both in SL.

Le Petite Village & PalaceEverything for Petite Avatars is owned by me and offers home and garden items and clothing that I create just for the petites.

DNA Landscaping it’s a Part of You provides custom sim design in all themes for any sized land, run by Mz Marville and Autom Nightfire. I can vouch for them. In fact, when I made the application and came up with the idea, Mz Marville, who is also a good friend of mine in SL, was the first and only person I thought of to work with me on this. I’ve seen places they’ve landscaped and one word describes them: Unbelievable!