Masau Dance Event in SL

Friday, August 8th 2014
at 4:00pm8:00pm in SLT
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We Invite you to a Masau dance, a Cheyenne tradition which goes back to the time when the Cheyenne came into the black hills or, what is known as the ‘badlands’. A Masau dance is represented by animals and animal people through dance.This event is group only which can be found when you take the landmark and teleport to the location.

ATTIRE: Native American*
*Native American dress code: To show respect , we ask that you refrain from utilizing a traditional Native American headdress unless you are familiar with the significance and willing to take on the embodiment as a permanent lifestyle. If you come with a headdress, be prepared for an interview with staff. Failure to comply with our standard will result in an automatic eject and or ban.
For more information about this event CLICK HERE