This is a breakfast I truly enjoy making as well as eating. This delicious meal comprises of a large salad with a variety of veggies, fruit and hemp hearts, a glass of filtered water with fresh lemon squeezed into it, and a cup of warm organic tea.


I start with fresh organic veggies and the selection for this morning’s salad includes: romaine lettuce, fresh spinach, bean sprouts, radishes, carrots, celery and vine sweet mini peppers. I don’t eat tomatoes, cucumbers or raw green/red/yellow peppers, but they would be wonderful in the salad if you liked them. I try to change it up when I make the salad so that I don’t get tired of eating the same combination all the time.




The next step is optional. I like to add a little meat because I’m a type O blood type, O- to be exact, which makes me one of the universal blood donors and I need to get my iron from meats because when I try to do a full veggie diet I end up heading towards the anemic end of the pendulum which then prevents me from donating blood. Of course, I can correct this with a meal of cooked liver and onions, but I’d rather prevent having to cook and eat liver by adding meat to my diet on a more regular basis. Sometimes I add tuna like in this picture and other times it’s a hard boiled or cooked egg (no oil), or a small piece of grilled chicken or steak. Fortunately, living in Vermont, I am able to find very good quality cuts of meats at the food co-ops or the little mom and pop locations and I do try to shop locally.


Now I add my salsa. I prefer to make it myself or find organic. I figure this helps to make up for my dislike of tomatoes and gets them in my diet so a lot of things I eat get a bit of salsa added to them.


Then I add some organic yogurt.


Here comes the fruit. This time I added 3 organic dried plums that I cut up into little bite size pieces. I change up the fruit every time I eat this salad. Any kind of fruit you like would work.


Now, the pièce de résistance is the hemp hearts! The energy from hemp hearts (shelled hemp seeds) will fuel you for the whole day! I use Healing Source‘s hemp hearts and buy them by the case of nine 1 pound pails.


Now here you have an energy filled breakfast that is not only packed with nutrition, but also tastes delicious to eat. This meal/diet is not for everyone. I am not a nutritionist and do not claim to know anything about nutrition in any kind of a professional sense. Always check with your primary care provider before doing any kind of meal as a diet plan.



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