When I first published this story in the Beyond Astrology newsletter I was advertising 900 numbers that I owned in the publication. Prior to advertising them, I had decided to check out the 900 numbers to see if I would encourage others to call them. This is the story from the reading I was given and the reader’s unique interpretation of the Chariot Tarot card.

He was doing a tarot card reading for me and the Chariot card was one of the cards in the reading. As he came to it, he said he felt he must explain the Chariot card to me first.

Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot Deck Chariot Card

He described the card to me as a picture of a man standing in a Chariot and his hands were not holding the reigns. There were two sphinxes sitting out front of the chariot which pull it. He asked me to visualize this person as my right and left brain. The left brain (logic) says, “Where am I going? What lies up ahead? What will happen if I go too fast? I need to direct and steer the chariot. What happens if I miss my turn? What if…?” The right brain (intuition) says, “These sphinxes and this chariot have taken many other souls on this journey. They know every turn, every curve, every bump. I don’t need to know what is ahead, I know that the sphinxes know the way. I can trust where they will take me.”

Then he said that we need to be like the man in the chariot. We need not to hold on to the reins and try to guide or steer the sphinxes. To forget about control and just go for the ride.

A few days later I had some car trouble on the highway and I phoned a friend who offered to tow my car back home. I sat behind the wheel and as they pulled us both forward after chaining my car to their truck. I felt a lack of control and power. As they sped up, I felt they were going too fast and wanted to slow things down. I wanted to see around their truck so I could watch where we were going. I wanted to be in better control of what was happening.

Then I remembered the 900 number call I made and the tarot card reading I had received and the in depth description of the chariot card. I realized this was an opportunity to really go on a chariot ride and to let go of control and just go for the ride. I took a few deep breaths and calmed myself.

I will often think of the phone call and mindfully thank the person on the other end of the telephone for their beautiful insight into the chariot card. They gave me a completely different meaning than I had considered before and one that has stayed with me for many of my other journeys and adventures.

As my life’s journey is unfolding I don’t know where I’m going or what is up ahead for me. I know that many souls have been on this journey before me and that my soul prepared for this one long before I was born. I just need to hold on and enjoy the ride.


*Originally published in the November 1993 issues of Beyond Astrology newsletter. Slightly modified for reprinting.