I don’t know about this heartbreak transit that I’m going through, which is transiting Saturn squaring my natal Chiron and it began on the 15th of September, one day after my Michael’s birthday, and will continue through November 12th of this year. I mean, my heart was already broke when my Michael died, so what could be worse than that?

Boys will come and boys will go and it hurts and both hearts break but that is nothing compared to when death steps in and takes someone from you. When you realize you’ll never find that kind of connection again, or at least it feels like it for where you’re at in the moment. Unless the transit is going to take me down to the bare bones and challenge my resolve to keep moving on to see just how strong I really am.


I think I am doing so well and he would be proud of me for not wallowing in tears, because he never liked for me to cry, and then I find a stupid little coffee cup he gave me breaks me down and the tears run down my cheeks.