This year I am hosting another event just for the petite sized avatar in Second Life. It’s being held on a heavily wooded parcel set in autumn splendor. The petite will have two ways to participate and are encouraged to do both in order to get all the FREE GIFTS that other petite builders, and myself, have created just for them for this event.

The first will be a Ghost Hunt. The petite will have to do some searching to find these ghosts throughout the parcel to locate all of them. Each one has a unique gift just for petites that they won’t want to miss!

The second way to participate is to gather the magical ingredients necessary to complete the Gifting Spell. The petite will carry a Halloween candy filled trick-or-treat basket, which is the ‘ticket’ that will keep track of each of the ingredients that they gather. There will be a list of the needed spell ingredients so that they will know what they are searching for. Upon completion of the gifting spell, the Magick Cauldron will grant a gift box filled with several gifts to everyone that completes the spell. Again, these gifts are just for the petite avatar and are really special gifts!

Check out the gifts included from the other builders and myself at the blog for the event: