Astro-Musements by The Indiana Stargazer

(originally published in the December 1993 issue of Beyond Astrology)

Capricorn Sun: December 22 – January 21

  • The sweat of his brow
  • Social Climber
  • All work and no play, makes Jack a dull boy
  • Can’t keep a good man down
  • Taking care of business
  • Status seeker

King Augustus, B.C. wanted to get his chart done, but was afraid to let anyone see it in case it would be bad, so he had it done in secret. When he found out he had a Capricorn Moon, he got so excited, he had a coin made with his sign of Capricorn on it.


I guess in the B.C. days, when they said, “Yo, what’s your sign?” they were talking about the moon. They really used the moon for a lot of daily pointers, such as planting, fishing and surgery.

Capricorn Moon is really a business sign, ruled by Saturn, the planet of quality, not quantity.

Several years ago, I needed to rent a pontoon boat and driver for our annual Astrology picnic and had to ask my religious neighbor if he would do it. I knew he wasn’t crazy about Astrology, but asked him his birthday anyway, since we were both born in the same year.

When I saw the Leo Sun with the Capricorn Moon, I knew he would be happy to be paid with a $50.00 bill, and each year, rain or shine, in-between his reunions, church and 4-H clubs, he finds time to escort the Astrology group around the lake, playing tour guide and telling them how we are both Leo Suns born the same year and what his Moon sign is.

My husband says, “You mention money and Capricorns are right there.”That goes for Capricorn Rising, Sun and Moon.

What do Capricorns do with the emotions they so easily set aside is an interesting health question. Holding back your feelings can be bad for your health. Cancers and Capricorns have stomach and knee problems. If you get too uppity and stiff (stuffed shirt) and can’t bend, sooner or later you can’t get down on your knees because you can’t bend your knees. It’s called arthritis… which is a Capricorn disease.

The Capricorn is represented by the surefooted goat with the short front legs so he can climb up the mountain without falling down. There’s no two steps forward and one step back with these guys. “Caps” deal with problems as they go along daily, so they don’t have to back track. They move steady and slowly uphill tying all the knots as they go. Can’t blackmail a Capricorn because they don’t leave a trail.

They are the procrastinators of the zodiac because once they get involved in a project they ignore everything else, so they hesitate starting, trying to get everything else caught up first.

They are slow to start and slow to stop! They are to the point and very detailed. They make good white-collar workers and good mates because they can take orders and give orders and are as good as their word – but often late!

When the transiting Moon goes into Capricorn, people get back to reality and take care of business they were putting off all month. I pay my bills during a Capricorn Moon.

Now is a good time to insist Capricorns are our leaders because of the big conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Capricorn.

Whenever there is a big alignment of the faraway planets (I call them, the tail end planets it means the energy of that powerful joining comes through the people with personal planets in that sign. That makes our leaders: Capricorns, who are going through spiritual development so they can also be our spiritual leaders instead of just our business advisors.


The Indiana Stargazer is the pen name for Martee Dexter, a professional Astrologer.

Beyond Astrology was the monthly publication for the Astrology Association of Fort Wayne, Indiana and these articles were published while Julie M. Perkins (aka Monavie Voight) was Vice-President and Editor of their newsletter.