Astro-Musements by The Indiana Stargazer

(originally published in the January 1994 issue of Beyond Astrology)

Aquarius Sun: January 21 – February 19

  • “What the world needs now, is love sweet love”
  • One for all, and all for one
  • “People who need people”

You Aquarius Moon people are detached, independent and cool on the inside. Criticism just rolls off your back, and even chaos at work doesn’t bug you; but you like to have a peaceful large home and you want to be in control at home. As long as you have your garden and exclusive use of your kitchen (as far as the cooking goes) you are happy people.

You are successful parents, not pushy, but supportive; and you like to be the handy man around the house. You finish what you start and love to be needed by other people.

You want to make the world a better and happier place no matter how inconvenient it is for you. You need involvements with groups outside the home and if you can’t get out, you live on the phone (or the internet)!

It’s no doubt you are the fast thinkers and intellectuals. Some of you are telepathic.

The partners you Aquarius Moons are attracted to can not be overweight or unclean. You like an equal partnership and will help your partner to promote his or her self-interests.

You are attracted to people like yourself who are busy and have a full social life. You like interesting and stimulating partners, but you seem to be blind to the needs and feelings of those you love.

It’s hard for you to end a relationship because Aquarius is a fixed sign, but once it’s over, you never look back.

You really dislike being falsely accused or being manipulated, but can easily manipulate others for their own good. You hate loud unpleasant noises and can’t stand to be around emotionally weak and neurotic people. They make you feel helpless and you hate that!

You’ve got to have your freedom of expression. You have a fear of personal emotional involvement because it’s a threat to your personal freedom. You really sympathize with the needs of humanity.

Male Aquarius Moons are prone to diabetes, so get on a good diet while you are young.

My personal reaction to Aquarius, whether Sun, Moon or Ascendant (rising sign), since I am a Sun, Pluto , Mars in Leo and in direct opposition to Aquarius, is that when I live with them, they run my phone bill sky-high. Now that I’ve told you all about the humanitarian and intellectual descriptions the books say about Aquarius Moons, I’ll tell you what I think.

I think you are party animals, wild people, and people who will never bore me. You are the most exciting, exasperating and unpredictable people I know. Aquarius men want to argue with me all the time; but Aquarius women are very entertaining to me. I have a few unusual tales to tell about the wild woman (my best friend) and our adventures together.


The Indiana Stargazer is the pen name for Martee Dexter, a professional Astrologer.

Beyond Astrology was the monthly publication for the Astrology Association of Fort Wayne, Indiana and these articles were published while Julie M. Perkins (aka Monavie Voight) was Vice-President and Editor of their newsletter.