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Welcome to the Full Moon in Leo which waxed at 6:09 PM EST.  The Moon representing our feminine side, the passionate motherly nature in us, our emotions as a product of our identification and the receptor of the sun’s energies in warm strong, uninhibited, Leo, full of vitality and arrogance, a natural born leader in the house where we meet the result of our outer lives… our ultimate karma, for some, our undoing.  Leo needs to get attention, to be the first, the greatest, the most beautiful and wants to dominate and be the center of attention.   The 12th house is where one increases ones intuition.

There are quite a few aspects to this Full Moon, so let’s take our time..first, of course, there’s the opposition with the Sun.  The opposition occurs when two planets are 180 degrees apart but in complimentary signs but they are said to be in…

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