I have very rarely had a reading done by someone other than the late Linda Jones, rest her soul. Really, I wouldn’t trust anyone else to read me. My dear friend, Linda, passed away while I’m living here in Vermont. I’ve known her since 1980 and we were good business associates, too. We hosted a few psychic fairs in Indiana before I trekked over to the East Coast. When I did readings in Salem at a psychic shop during their Haunted Happenings celebration one year I met the most wonderful reader working there along with me, named Darlene, and she and I quite often trade readings with each other since then.

This past year, though, I have had several calls requesting readings-for-trade, and now it’s progressed to a few a week, of phone calls from other readers asking me if I would give them a reading in exchange for them giving me one. While it’s not my normal practice of business, I am not one to ignore a message the Universe/God is trying to tell me. Since I am not usually open to having people read me, this may be one way for me to get some kind of messages I am supposed to receive. With it becoming quite frequent now I am of the mindset that the spirits are trying very hard to get my attention about something.

I always give this person their reading first because they are calling with a burning question on their mind, then I let them tell me what they want to tell me for a reading. I try to listen and pay attention. They have all hit on the same couple of points and the reader from last night summed it up very nicely. This reader, Kathy is her name, said that the Angels have been trying to give me some gifts that I have not been taking. She said it’s like the UPS is trying to deliver a package but no one is home to accept it. I had to laugh because I know that’s me. The poor spirits have to hit me over the head a few times before I will accept something as a message from them.

That’s because I get messages a lot. Like really a LOT. I learned to shut them down back in the early 90’s where messages were coming in daily and I’m not just talking about thoughts, I’m talking about, it was getting to the point where messages were being written on the wall, a bridge, an overpass and on the back of a bus seat to reach me. I had to say ‘Stop this!’ That I didn’t want it and that I needed to take a break and live a more normal life. The messages didn’t stop completely, but they did lessen considerably. Or… maybe I just didn’t pay attention and closed myself off to them. I guess I started refusing the packages.

I’m taking to heart what these lovely people have been telling me when they called to show me their trust in seeking out a reading from me. I know this isn’t easy to do, to let someone do a reading for you. I am definitely not discounting what they have said and after hearing it over and over now and Kathy was summing it up last night, it is clear that the path I am on is exactly where I am supposed to be. The people in my life right now are meant to be here. The project I am working on is one of the gifts they are trying to give me.

I graciously accept and await the spirit message packages. I am at home and this time, I will answer the door.