There is a time for love, and let me explain. As you may already know, there is the right time for all things. There is a real window of time for everyone to meet someone to fall in love with. To find the true mate of your soul. Ecclesiastes Chapter 3 says it very well: 1. To every thing, there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:.

Astrologically there is a perfect time to find your soul mate. The Magi Astrology™ calls this your Cinderella Time. This is the time when you can meet your prince charming, fall in love and get married, and live happily ever after. It is the same for men as it is for women that this is your time to find that special someone. This is based upon the transits which are the key to knowing your time for any kind of endeavor. This window is only open a few times in your life and they don’t last long, so when they are there, that is the time to take advantage of it and to actively find your love.

Whether you are already involved with someone and wanting to move things into a marriage or you are looking for your love, this is the time to take action. This is the time to push a little bit because this aspect will help you. Now, I know what you’re thinking and if the person you’re pushing doesn’t stay in your life because you pushed, let them go, they were not the right one for you because of Mr./Ms. Perfect will be the one that is just as eager as you to tie the knot. In my own instance, I would push and if they start backing up then that is all I needed to know that they were not the right one.

Take a look at this Magi Astrology chart in which I’ve eliminated all other planet transits except those which show the Cinderella Times that I am currently under. Yes, in fact, yours truly is definitely in a Cinderella Time. Please note that Magi Astrology has a very tight orb for aspects which are no more than 3 degrees in the longitude and no more than 1.5 degrees of the declination. You will see two Cinderella Times, which include transiting Chiron conjunct my natal Venus and transiting Neptune parallel my natal Chiron. The other aspect is transiting Neptune parallel my natal Jupiter, which is what Magi Astrology calls a Romantic Golden Transit which is very helpful at this time in many ways.

Romantic Golden Transit: “If you are also having a Cinderella Transit at this time, then if you are single, this may be one of the very best times for you to look for love and meet someone new. Or if you are already with the right person, this transit helps to solidify your mutual love and brings peace and a high level of giving. But if you are with the wrong person, this transit has a way of giving you a sign to warn you about it, and you should heed.” (Copyright (c) 1999-2005 The Magi Associates, Inc. All rights reserved.)
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Natal planets are in black, transiting planets are in red
“The key to Cinderella is CHIRON! Whenever Chiron makes a MAGICAL ANGLE to your Venus, Jupiter or Neptune, you are at the peak of your Romance Cycle. The same is true when Venus, Jupiter or Neptune makes a Magical Angle to your Chiron. It is at these times that you are most charming, most fascinating and most attractive. During your Cinderella Time, people forgive you for everything, they overlook your faults, you possess your maximum amount of charisma and you are at the peak of your popularity. It is during your Cinderella Time that you are as irresistible as you can possibly be. This is the time that you have the greatest chance of meeting your Prince Charming and falling in love together. But as you must have guessed, your Cinderella Gateway is open only briefly and only a few times in your life. Don’t miss it. It is crucial that you take advantage of it whenever it occurs in your own life.”

Of course, you must look at any other transit aspects you have going on that may not be so favorable. For example, if you have a Heartbreak Transit at the same time as a Cinderella Transit, it is absolutely necessary to wait until the Heartbreak Transit passes before meeting someone new or getting married. There is no exception here.

During a Cinderella Time, you will find that there are many prospects that become available for you to consider. Remember what I said about the pushing and how it will remove those that aren’t right for you, but listen closely, as it’s very important to check the astrological compatibility between someone you meet and yourself, and if things are good that way, and  you’re in your Cinderella Time, and there’s no breakup transits happening, then it’s alright to proceed with this person.

And best of all, you will truly feel like a princess or prince and let yourself enjoy the search for your beloved.