So many times you may find a home to use in the Second Life® world, but there are things about it you wish you could change. I have found this to also be the same in the real world in which I would buy a home with the intent of remodeling and landscaping it to suit my wants and needs. The same applies here in the Second Life world as I search for a home with the intent of making changes to make it just the way I like it.

I began my search for a completely mesh home and I found one that was also absolutely free along with a real bonus of only 17 LI. I previewed the 3D model using WebGL that the seller offered on my browser. This home offered the ability of several faces so you could customize the textures. The layout was what I wanted to have only two rooms and the tall open ceiling. I use my yards a lot, both in the real world and in the virtual world, so I know where most of the time will be spent.

Finding just the right textures that will fit your personal style is not hard at all but it is time consuming when you have lots of textures in your inventory. I did, however, go out and buy a couple new ones because, well, that’s just how I like to do it.

These first four pictures are of the house straight out of the box and the remaining four  are after I retexturized it and finished decorating and landscaping. My home is in a skybox because I happen to love the scenes available and also because other people’s places aren’t part of the immediate view.











The textures I used were by these creators plus a couple that are now saying they are created by the system in some way: PamellaCloud, Ryan Linden, Amon Dragonash, lex Fitzcarraldo, Dione Jacques, Fallacy DeCuir.

This home could be put on a 512 square meter parcel and with that low LI you would have plenty of prims to use for decorating. I highly recommend this home and to change the textures, if you want, to become the home you can love and cherish living in.