Now, I don’t know about you, but I won’t join a coven because of an experience I had in back in the 90’s when a big coven invited me to join. They had a little ceremony to introduce me, and a few others there looking to join as to how they did things. We were sitting in a circle and I was the last one before the ‘leader,’ and as it went around the circle, each person was making petitions for things to happen. Things like they hoped their sister would be rid of her husband, that they wanted their boss demoted, and other very negative words like this. Now, maybe the sister should be rid of the husband, I don’t know what was the situation, but my first thoughts were that I did not want this ‘collective karma’ on my shoulders. When it got to me, I petitioned that all of the unfriendly petitions were negated and that only love and peace were to go out to everyone mentioned and in all of our lives. After the ceremony, they told me I could not join, but I had already decided that joining a coven is not the thing for me.

Here’s the bottom line, collective karma is very important. This isn’t a game or a social gathering. What others do in your ‘circle’ will come back to haunt you or bless you. That is why I prefer to practice alone or only with a handful of people who I know and trust that are open-minded and truly loving, caring and wise.