This has been a big year of endings and not only on a grand scale with our favorite icons, but also on many personal levels that don’t make the headlines. The number nine has been known for removing things from someone’s life when they are in a nine cycle. This year, 2016 (2+0+1+6 = 9) has been a nine cycle of the Universe.

I have three children and the two daughters are born on the 9th of their months and my son is born on the 14th of his month. When they were young they wanted to raise some ducks that they would take later and release them at their father’s home in this big pond I had dug before I divorced. They each picked out their own duckling and we brought them home. I have experience raising animals, including reptiles, etc., easy, right? Unfortunately, not all the three little ducklings survived and the vet said it was nothing we did or didn’t do, it was just fate. The ducklings of the girls didn’t make it. Remember, they are both number nines. His lucky number fourteen compared to their fateful nines echoed throughout their lives.

My oldest daughter is an animal lover (they all are but she is to the extreme in a wonderful way) and she’d bring home any stray broken kitten that she would find. We’d patch the kitten up and get it healthy and each time one day the kitten would leave and never come back. This is another example of the number nine.

Universal love is loving of all creatures, but not holding on too tight. This includes relationships which don’t belong to us as we don’t own the people we are in relationships with and a nine cycle will end the relationship if someone holds on too tight.

The key to number nine is to remember that we are caretakers of the people and animals of the Universe, we are not the owners of them. When we forget this, they get taken away. Loving Universally means to love without attachment.