Release Week — Day 2 — Saturday #silverravenwolf

Silver RavenWolf

Saturday – 14 January 2017
3rd Quarter Moon begins in Leo – Voids – Moves into Virgo
Saturn Day

Today’s Goal – The Bathroom and Personal Care Products
Don’t Forget Your Main Goal

Thank you for all the comments you left on Day One of the Release Week Challenge!  I really appreciate hearing from you!  Some of you have asked why I posted “on the wrong day” — that is because I set this challenge up early so that folks from other countries could also enjoy it.  Some are 7 hours or more ahead of the United States, so posting early is helpful to them.

Secondly, there have been requests for the Universal Fluid Condenser formula.  Here is a current link for you:  This is from Sybil Leek material.

tacocatsinkFor the last two years I have been creating and designing magickal herbal formulas and powders, unique…

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