Release Week – Day 5 – Tuesday #silverravenwolf

Silver RavenWolf

Tuesday 17 January 2017
3rd Quarter Moon in Libra
Mars Day

Today’s Goal – One or more Closets
Don’t Forget Your Main Goal

picsart_01-10-01-01-07 Closet Day is the perfect day to bag up old clothes for charity.  We often donate to Purple Heart Veterans Service Foundation.

A Mars Day is all about movement and motivation!  If the moon is waxing, then the day is best spent building and moving forward.  If the moon is waning, like it is today, then we want to use that energy to remove blocks and open the way for opportunity.  From releasing negative thought patterns to shoveling out the closet and removing ALL the clutter – this is a day to move, move, move in the right direction!  Burn a RED candle today and ask the element of fire to help you in whatever task is at hand.  May the element of fire give you…

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