Release Week – Day 6 – Wednesday #silverravenwolf

Silver RavenWolf

Wednesday – 18 January 2017
3rd Quarter Moon in Libra
Mercury Day

Today’s Goal – Remove clutter from all floors and clean Under all Furniture
Don’t Forget Your Main Goal

tacocatunderbed Looks like the puppy left a tennis ball under the bed!

There is a Feng Shui (the art of placement) goal that I religiously keep – never, ever let anything under the bed.  Never.  Not even for a moment.  No stuff.  No dust bunnies.  No storage containers.  Nada.  Nothing.  This keeps the chi moving in the bedroom and lessens difficulties in restful sleep and negates almost all nightmares of the ordinary sort.  This year, the challenge is to ensure that all floors in the home are cleared, cleaned, and swept paying particular attention to your bedroom!  If you are having trouble sleeping, here are some quick magickal ideas I’ve shared over the years:

Sweet Sleep Magickal Ideas

Make a…

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