Release Week – Day 7 – Thursday #silverravenwolf

Silver RavenWolf

Thursday – 19 January 2017
4th Quarter Moon in Scorpio
Day begins with Libra Moon – Voids – Moves into Scorpio
Hits 4th Quarter 2nd half of the day
Jupiter Day

Today’s Goal – Sacred Nature Day — Pet Day!
Don’t Forget Your Main Goal

tacocatpetdayCongratulations!  You’ve made it to the 7th day!  Whoot!  You are so very awesome!  Today is Sacred Nature and Pet Day.  Your tasks should revolve around anything that you feel is sacred nature – taking care of house plants, enjoying a walk in the woods, clearing a path to a fire circle – whatever, as long as it somehow involves nature.  For those of you who have pets – this is the day to spoil them!  Perhaps a trip to the groomers or the pet store!  Cleaning out the puppy basket of old, yucky toys and replacing them with new ones? …

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