MARCH 15, 2017

Instructor: Monavie Voight

5 WEEK course on Wednesdays:
~ March 15th
~ March 22nd
~ March 29th
~ April 5th
~ April 12th

9 AM & 6 PM SLT (Second Life/Pacific time) – Same session will be held at both times during the day.

Seats are limited! (only 6 seats total for each time) Be sure to contact me to reserve a place!
Classes will be held in the Second Life virtual world.

Learn to read any tarot deck or even a regular deck of playing cards without a book!

This course is designed to assist with your psychic development to read the cards instead of relying on memorizing the material someone else has written by paying attention to your own feelings about colors and shapes and using your own life experience. You will learn how to create your own tarot spreads for different types of readings. The specific tools will be provided during the class for each session.

Come and have fun while you learn to read the tarot!

No previous experience is required.
(You are not required to purchase any special tarot deck, use whatever deck you already have in rl for your homework.)

If you are interested and/or would like to reserve your place in this class, please contact me inworld (Monavie Voight).

You do not need to speak on voice but need to be able to hear the instructor and the others that will choose to use voice.

*I’ve created the tools in SL that best reflect the tools I use when teaching this class in real. A big thank you to BrownBoxStudio for working on the scripting for me!