MAY 6, 2017 or May 9, 2017


Instructor: Monavie Voight

Seats are limited! Be sure to contact me to reserve a place!

Classes will be held in the Second Life virtual world.


Saturday Classes:

  • May 6th
  • May 13th
  • May 20th
  • 7:00 – 8:30 AM SLT  (Second Life/Pacific time)

Or you may attend:

Tuesday Classes:

  • May 9th
  • May 16th
  • May 23rd
  • 4:00 – 5:30 PM SLT (Second Life/Pacific time)

Pendulum dowsing or divining is a technique that has been used for centuries. As a dowsing tool, the pendulum was used to locate water, gold, oil and other minerals. As a tool for divination, it is used to predict future events and to provide information. It is a system that can be used anywhere, at any time. You simply ask a question and in a few seconds you will receive an answer that you will clearly understand.

You will learn how to chose, cleanse, program and test a pendulum for accuracy; to test energy around you and evaluate your surroundings using the pendulum; to use the pendulum to choose items such as crystals, menu items, jewelry, books, groceries, etc.; how to locate items; how to find lost items, and how to use a pendulum with a map.

There will be a field trip in SL to find an item by using a map and a pendulum

  • You will need a pendulum. This can be anything from a ring hung on a string to something purchased that is sold as a pendulum.
  • No previous experience is neccessary.
  • Using SL Voice is required for participation.

If you are interested and/or would like to reserve your place in this class, please contact me in-world (Monavie Voight).

Please be prepared to listen and speak on voice as this will add to the richness of your experience in the class.