magi dec 2020

“In most ways, August is an average month. There are however two really bad days for love in August. August 9 and 18 are so unusually stressful for love that we urge you to be sure to be especially careful on both days. These two days are so star-crossed for romantic endeavors that you should not try even try making love because the experience could be so disappointing in unpredictable ways you actually risk damaging your relationship – a minor misunderstanding or disappointment can turn into a catastrophe as it all spins out of control so fast you are left helpless. August 2 and 3 are also bad for love but not catastrophic.

The worst days in August for money are August 9 and 10.

There are also good days for love this month; they are August 13, 14, 21, 22, 23. And August 14, 23, 27 are good days for career and money.” (

They added a new activity category: The Best & Worst Days to install an application or update the operating system on your SmartPhone.

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August 2021 – Love and Money Calendar