magi dec 2020

“May is a bad month with no truly good days and some really bad days. The best days listed below for May are not really good days but actually “the best days we could find for May.” Some months are like this, unfortunately. We advise you wait for another month if you have any truly important natalizations.

Nonetheless: The best days this May for making love are May 16 and 17. The toughest days this May for anything that involves love and sex are May 8 and 9. Frankly, these two days are so bad that if your love relationship is shaky, try to give your beloved one a lot of space these two days.

The best days to try to make extra money and advance your careers are May 15 and 17. And the worst ones are May 11, 12, 13. If you can, please take those days off and not work at all because you are likely to go backwards if you go to work (unless you have an essential job of course). If you must work, do not get into any squabbles for any reason – things can spin out of control on these two chaotic days.

They added a new activity category: The Best & Worst Days to install an application or update the operating system on your SmartPhone.

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May 2021 – Love and Money Calendar