I had a previous contact many years ago in the summer of 1992 down in Nappanee, Indiana, that resulted in a number being written on my wall. (I will do a different post to tell you all about that one.) This was a new spirit contact which was the summer of 2010 approximately eighteen years later. I was doing a seven day candle and reading a verse from a Psalm each night because where I was temporarily staying in Brattleboro, Vermont, there was a lot of negative energy and others felt they were being tormented by ghosts in their rooms. One couple was afraid to go in their room because of strange things happening. The third night of doing the little ritual, I was too tired from working late to be able to keep vigil over the candle while lit, so I didn’t do it. I woke to find this written on my pillow. I immediately did the candle and Psalm verse that morning and then continued again that night and the next nights to finish it.

This is what the spirit wrote. It’s either 106 or the next picture which is 901, depending on which way the pillow is placed. When I found it, it was looking like the number was 106.

spiritimage106 OR spiritimage901


I still don’t know what it means. I haven’t had a number experience since this. No one else knew I was doing the candle and psalm and no one was able to be in my room to write on my pillow.